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Newlands Park saw a beautiful day on Thursday 29th March alongside that they hosted this year’s Cheltenham School Sport Network Tag Rugby Tournament 2012. Forty-Six Teams represented their schools proudly in what turned out to be a great day of sun, fun and lots of rugby, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The morning began with all teams being placed in random pools to make them qualify for the Shield, Cup, Bowl, Trophy, Plate and Flute. Every team played to the best of their abilities with parents and teachers cheering them on all the way. Some schools came to have a fun day out and enjoy themselves, whilst others came to win with some clear training ground moves being pulled off in some games. After each game some great sportsmanship was shown with both teams giving three cheers to the other and shaking hands and wishing the other team good luck.

After the final pool games and the final whistles being blown the results were in. Each team waited eagerly to see where their hard work had placed them. All the trophies were presented to the winning captain of each team by Gloucester and Scottish international Rugby Player Rory Lawson who had come down to watch the future of the game start their careers. The winners of the Flute were Prestbury St. Marys. The winners of the Plate were Warden Hill 1’s. The Trophy was awarded to St. James. The Bowl was taken home by Greatfield Park 1’s. St. Marks 1’s won the Cup. Finally, the Shield and overall Champions were Woodmancote Primary School.

Special thanks have to go to Dan Derrick, Kirsty Dunleavy, Clive Smith and Ken Cuthbert for organising this entire event. Gloucester Rugby Club for providing some rugby balls and t-shirts for the referee’s. Further thanks go to students from Pates Grammar School, Winchcombe Secondary School and Tewkesbury Secondary School who all helped the event be possible through refereeing games and recording scores. Finally, the last thanks go to some students from the University of Gloucestershire and members of Old Patesians Rugby Club who helped Referee games as well.